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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Antony Designs ?

Antony Designs is a web design company that works in the web and graphic design industry. We work with clients from all over the world and maintain their web projects. With our help they grow their business and find new customers.

What are we aiming

We help our customers grow their businesses and organizations. By creating graphic designs, maintaining websites and online services, we help people meet find customers. We've built our services in a way in which customers can feel confident that their websites will be supported without requiring them to have technical skills. 

Our prices are affordable to everyone. From individuals to large companies.

Who do we work with ?

We work with different companies from all over the world. Part of them are international corporations with offices in Europe and Asia.

To deliver best services, we work with third-party companies. They allow us to sustain customers' web projects and services. These third-party services allow your website to be secure and fast no matter where you are on the globe.   

Can you support us ?

You can support us by liking our Facebook page and signing up for Antony ID. We will really appreciate it, if you share our website on social media.    

What are websites built from ?

All websites that exist today are built with files. Every site you see has a folder with files which the website is built from. These are normal files like pictures, texts and music, but websites also something else that make these files look like a website that you can see and use. And these are HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS files. They are like instructions that tell where elements should be displayed on the page.

Websites are built differently. You can use online editors or download web design software to create websites withous HTML knowledge. Experts, however use professional software to program more complex sites.

How to build a website ?

Building a website can be really easy and really challenging. It depends on the way you create it and on the features you want to add. In fact, you can create a website in a few minutes, but you will have to spend weeks or even months to create good websites with nice features.

To make a site, you don't always need programming skills (like HTML, PHP, CSS). There are design services and software that allow you to make good-looking website by just dragging and dropping assets (like texts and images). But if you want to create a more complex or dynamic site, you're definitely going to need programing skills.  

What is hosting ?

Webhosting is a service that "puts" your website on the web. Thanks to webhosting services the internet works as we know it today.

Because websites are made from files, they need servers to stay online. A server is usually a powerful computer that is 24/7 on, equipped with fast and reliable internet connection and a massive storage space. These computers hold all the needed files that make up your website. To guarantee that your site will be online 24/, they are placed in data centers- large buildings that store hundreds of servers.

Antony Designs works with reliable third-party hosting companies with experience to sustain and support our clients' websites. 

How to choose a hosting company ?

If you are building your website on your own, you're definitely going to face the problem of choosing a reliable hosting for your web project. So what do you do ?

There are hundreds of companies that sell hosting services for different prices and there are providers who sell free hosting. It is really important your hosting provider to be reliable, because data loss or corruption are the worst thing that can happen to you, especially if you don't back up. Furthermore, you need good support for your service.

So read reviews and choose a known hosting company and don't get low price services. If you're serious about building sites, don't choose free hosting providers because they are unreliable.

What is a domain ?

The domain name is the second most important thing you need to set up a website. Domains are usually are short suffixes or abbreviations that are placed after the site name (e.g. facebook.COM, antonydesigns.NET, red.ORG). choosing a domain is not always easy. You need to find a domain that is short and that includes the name of your organization. Domains are important part of the Domain Name System (DNS)

What is DNS

The Domain Name System (commonly referred to it as DNS) is a system that allows hosting services to work with domain names (e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG). The system uses several server types to find particular site's web hosting server by obtaining the IP address of the server from the domain name. This is a complicated task, but is designed to work extremely fast and efficient.

What means to change my domain's DNS settings

If you own a domain and a website, you'll be prompted at some point to "change your DNS settings". This means to change your ANS records. (They often look like this: ns1.myhostingservice.com, ns2.myhostingservice.com). By changing your DNS settings you enable the DNS servers to identify your site. So just open your domain registrar's control panel and find where you can enter your hosting's ANS records. 

What is a Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that makes your website faster and more secure. Normally your website is hosted on one physical location, which makes it vulnerable and slow to foreign visitors. By using DNS, copies of your website (website cash) is distributed to multiple servers all over the globe. This makes your website more secure, especially when someone tries to perform a DDoS attack. CDNs also make your website much faster, because people can connect to different servers that hold copies website, depending on their location.

Website security tips

It is very important that the sites you build are secure, especially if you store confidential information. So here are four important tips:

- First choose a reliable hosting service. This is really important, because good hosting services should include built-in security features.

- Make sure that your code is secure and that there are no backdoors. If you're using Wordpress, don't install random plugins, because they will not only slow down your site, but also make it more susceptible to hacking.

- Use CDNs- services that cash your site and distribute it to various locations on the globe.

- Install an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a digital document that authenticates your site and provides secure connection between clients and servers. This is extremely important for websites that require entering sensible data (like usernames, passwords and credit card information). A SSL certificate also makes your site more trusted.

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