How Website Plans Works

By using the "Website Plans" service you can order a website for your business. We'll create the exact website you need and make everything for you, so you don't need programing skills. We'll run everything for you, but you'll also be able to edit your site just by logging in your Wordpress panel.

This is how we work:

2. Proceed to checkout and pay the first (in advance payment)
3. You'll receive an e-mail with invoice from us detailing your selected plan More information about payments
4. At this point you will be able to send text and images, you want to use in your site. In order to do this, you will have to log in with your Order Number that you've received after paying the first fee. More information about payments at Antony Designs.
5. Your website will be developed. The development time depends on your selected plan. During this period you will be able to participate by contacting us or by using your Wordpress control panel. Your site will be stored on our servers and you will be able to see it during the design process.
6.You'll be prompted to pay the final payment (When your website is done, online and ready to use). After the final payment your website will be registered online and will use a domain of your choice
7. Enjoy your website and our services! When your site is done and online, you can edit it with your control panel or by contacting our support team :)


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